teaching plans (Natural Sciences)



Name of school

 Agrupamento de Escolas de Sátão

Theme of the lesson

 Natural Sciences 8th Grade: Threats to the ecological balance

Pupils‘ age range

 13-14 years old


 February 2017


1- Understand the influence ofl disasters on the balance of ecosystems.

2- Identify differences between natural disasters and man made disasters.

3- Describe the causes and effects of man made disasters.

4- list measures to reduce  the impact of disasters on the environment.


Lessons 1 and 2:

1- Teacher (T) contextualizes the theme, presenting a short video.

2- The class is organised into 5 groups

3- T proposes a brainstorming on the padlet app. Each group identifies and posts threats to ecosystems on the padlet and classifies them as natural or anthropogenic.

4- T instructs each group to create a PPT (for 4 minutes’s presentation) on an ecological threat (each group will be assigned a different threat)

Lessons 3 and 4:

1- Each group researches for information on the internet about the ecological threat assigned to their group to prepare their presentation.

2- Each group creates  a quiz about their topic with 10 multiple-choice questions (for Plickers). [Distribution of tasks among students]

3- Each group will hand their work in a folder created on Google Drive.

lessons 5 and 6:

1 Each group will end their presentation with suggestions from the teacher and prepare a script to rehearse for Oral presentation.

lessons 7 and 8:

1-Each group will make the oral presentation of their work to the class.

2-After each oral presentation, the group will quiz the class their Plickers QUIZ

3- Correction of the answers to the quizzes.

T will monitor students‘ work during the lessons and guide them through their work with suggestion




Used Apps

Computer connected to the Internet

- Videos:







Assessment of PPT and the oral presentation (individual)

Assessment of multiple choice questions written by the pupils

Evaluation of Quiz



Author: Maria Silva 
Last editor: António Casal


Unit plan by Santiago Teixeira, Agrupamento de Escolas de Sátão

Name of school

 Agrupamento de Escolas de Sátão

Theme of the lesson

 Geology-10th Grade: Seismology and Internal Structure of the Earth

Pupils‘ age range

 15-17 years old


 Weeks 1 & 2- January 2017


To determine earthquake epicenters.

To recognize a pattern in the distribution of most earthquakes.

To relate the occurrence of earthquakes with tectonic plates movement. distinguir os diferentes tipos de ondas sísmicas.

To distinguish different types of seismic waves.

To understand the relationship between a type of soil and the vulnerability of buildings to earthquake damage.


Group work: pupils will :

Use Earthquake Alert! app to see the daily distribution of earthquakes and mark their location on a planisphere.

Plan and undertake an experiment to investigate the influence of the type of rock on the seismic wave propagation.

Research on the features of different types of seismic waves

Pupils will individually take a formative test on Socrative app




Used Apps



Mobile phone


Earthquake Alert!






Online quiz (Socrative)



Author: António Casal 
Last editor: António Casal


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