About the project


The project aims to sensitize students, teachers and also parents to the problem of climate change problem, since we consider climate protection to be a key issue for future generations. In this project, concrete measures are also being worked out so that everyone involved can participate even better in the future and -with more background knowledge- in protecting the climate. In order to make it clear to the students that climate change is a global problem, but it has different effects in different countries and different parts of the world. With this project, we want to encourage young people to get involved in the fight against climate change and show that this commitment can also have a positive impact on their immediate environment. Another goal of this project is to develop innovative results to raise awareness of the challenges associated with the environment and climate change.




We would like to assume our environmental responsibility as an educational institution and ensure that our pupils can participate in climate protection as independently thinking young people. The aim is to increase the awareness of local community in regards to urban climate change and its consequences on life in order to lead them to conscious choices. Besides, we aim at increasing pupils’ technical and scientific skills and make them adopt healthy lifestyles, that is also using zero cost products. We believe that our students will be shown that climate change is a problem for everyone and that we can only prevent this phenomenon by changing our way of thinking and acting. The project fulfils the current needs for the development of key competences of the 21st century for all pupils at European level such as: cultural exchange, social competence, communication in a foreign language, scientific and techno-logical competence and entrepreneurship.



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